May 23, 2011

Feds to public: Should we give DeepCwind $20 million? Or not?

Feds call for public input by June 9th on their draft environmental assessment of the likely impacts of the  proposed DeepCwind project off Monhegan. Feds'll then decide to give 20 millions to the University. Or not.  What does that fed draft assessment tell us? Read it and related info!
Department of Energy's Deepcwind Draft Environmental Assessment Documents. (pdfs)

DOE Public Notice of Draft Environmental Assessment 1page (Includes who to email to.)

Draft Environmental Assessment 108 pages

Scoping materials  40 pages.   What the agencies, Lobstermens Association, Pen Bay Watch etc told the feds

Letters and Consultation 34 pages   Agency letters on endangered species

DeepCwind's 2011 report on their project

Audio recordings of DeepCwind official Habib Dagher

* October 19, 2010  Habib Dagher speaks at 1st annual Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Conference (one hour)
* May 20, 2010  Habib Dagher speaks at public meeting at Rockport opera House - one hour
* Habib Dagher at two work sessions of the Maine Legislature's Utility & Energy Committee on LD 1810 An Act To Implement the recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force
 March 18,  2010  Work session   Dr Habib Dagher 12 minutes
 March 23, 2010 Work Session  Dr Habib Dagher,  10 minutesQ&A Dr. Habib Dagher,  8 minutes


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