Sep 14, 2010

Ragged Mountain - Rockport Selectboard gets earful, takes cautious approach to windstudy plan.

On September 13th the town of Rockport's Selectboard considered a letter it had gotten from the town of Camden town manager suggesting Rockport join with Camden and Hope in a three town Ragged Mountain wind workgroup. Listen below to Rockport officials and  residents of Rockport and Camden discussing the proposal

Because of misgivings over the pace and direction of the proposed workgroup, the town of Rockport  declined  to join such  workgroup by the October 13th deadline suggested by the Camden town clerk. Instead, after hearing strong opposition to theplan from Rockport residents and Camden residents, the Rockport Selectboard decided to defer any action on the proposal until  it assessed community interest and learned more about the controversial plan from all sides.   The town will revisit the issue in  late October or early November.

Recordings.   (See photos and documents from this meeting)
Introduction 4 minutes
Dorie Klein 15 minute
Dana Strout 17 min
Ted Skowronski  7.5 min
Selectboard discussion One   2 min
Tim Woodworth 2 min
Dennis Lopez 3min
Selectboard discussion Two. (Selectboard & Klein) 8 min
Kate (Lives on Ragged Mtn) 22 sec.
Final Selectboard Discussion, end of meeting 7 min

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