Sep 8, 2010

Ragged Mountain Friends speak out at Camden Selectboard meeting

Camden's Town Hall was filled to overflowing Tuesday night as members of the newly-formed Friends of Ragged Mountain turned out in force to show and express the widespread displeasure  and opposition that a proposal  to site windmills on one of the Camden Hills is getting from area residents.

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The more than four dozen local  windfarm opponents waited patiently through two hours of other municipal business before they came up on the agenda.

But finally, beginning with presentations by Friends' spokespersons Dorie Klein and Dana Strout, a long line of people spoke up.

At one point Klein asked the members of her group to stand, impressing the selectboard when nearly the entire room stood.

Speakers emphatically challenged the validity of the process that had led up to the present situation, where the town of Camden was being  pressured by persons or companies unknown, fronted by the Island Institute, to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a windpower feasibility study, that, while it might lead to small reductions in energy costs, would certainly lead to pressure to move ahead with the logging bulldozing and blasting of the natural mountain environment that would ahve to happen to set up a utliity complex on Ragged Mountain.

Selectboard members responded, sometimes defending actions taken to date, mostly favorably as the residents made their cases.

For more information on Friends of Ragged Mountain, contact them by email or call Dorie Klein at 207-236-2347.

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