Aug 3, 2009

Sears Island. Green sprawl begins. Is port sprawl far behind?

The first wave of development on wild Sears Island comes, disappointingly, if not-too-surprisingly, from the sold-out greens of FOSI, "Friends of Sears Island." It comes in the disarming visage of a ramp or ramps leading from the shore up to a path near the road.

Disarming because, in order to get permission and money to build these little assists, the FOSIs had to agree to avert their eyes to big industry's plan to savage the western side of Sears Island with blasting, dredging and paving for an industrial port. Not exactly a bargain for the island or the bay.

Getting money and headpats from big industry and its agency and NGO cronies, skittering on its newfound slippery slope of "respectability", FOSI has shown itself to be no "friend" to Sears Island, its recent press release in the BDN proclaiming FOSI's love for (part of) the island to the contrary. Photo: thanks, Suz.

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