Jul 31, 2009

Sears Island - Lobster festivalgoers scorn sellouts

A great time today at the Maine Lobster Festival. I get there around noon, check in at the volunteers office, then head down to the marine life tent.

Sally Jones and family are already there, enthusiastically working the passers-by at the Sears Island table.

I make the rounds of the tent's occupants, greeting old friends, knocking on the giant bluefin tuna's noggin for good luck at the fish display, and record an interview with Muriel Curtis, director of Station Maine, which offers "boating opportunities at no cost to youth of all ages in the mid-coast Maine area" a splendid thing indeed in this time of virtuality.

Visitors to the Sears Island table are inquisitive. Nearly all are surprised to learn of Baldacci's foolish port plan for Sears Island, and are shocked to learn that Sierra Club and other moderate shallow ecologists support trashing half the island as long as they have dibs on the other half.

Time and again we explain the importance of the island and its estuary for the ecology of greater Penobscot Bay and those who enjoy it and/or make a livelihood in fisheries or tourism from the bay. It's a no-brainer! There is general scorn among all the visitors for team sellout and the
"silence is consent" types who would look the other way as Baldacci ravages the bay.

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