Aug 19, 2009

Sears Island. FOPSI flier: Port plan? Island split? Not on our map!

Twas with some trepidation that I received a copy of the semi-glossy flier exuded by FOPSI - that astroturf 501(c)(3) NGO called the Friends of (Part of) Sears Island.

The flier is entitled
Sears Island: Our Legacy. Here it is in all its recidivist glory. A greater paragon of indirection and omission-by- inference, a more creepily careful tip-toeing around the inconvenient truths about the ground and water of our upper bay's wild island and its surrounding shoals, has not graced our area's shop counters, and the third class mail section of our postal service's mailbags, in some time. Some legacy.....

Let's take a look
(Click photos for full sized images

FOSI's (more correctly FOPSI's) "history" (left) does NOT reveal that, as of January 22, 2009, the other 340 acres of Sears Island, & ALL of its groundfish nursery shoal, have been placed in container port zoning & are being marketed by MDOT. Does not note that the activists who successfully fought off McKernan's cargo port, King's woodchip port and Baldacci's LNG port -for threatening Penobscot Bay's marine ecology and commercial fisheries- are now opposing FOPSI'S "permanent solution" of dismembering Sears Island.

Now there's history!

FOPSI's "Permanent Solution" is to dismember Sears Island. Offer up the streams, wetlands and shoals of the western side of the island to MDOT's aggressive efforts to locate foreign investors to build & run what could be the east coast's biggest containerport.

Blasting, dredging, filling and otherwise cold-cocking Mother Nature in her midcoast Maine womb would be far better, in the FOPSIan paradigm, than continuing to subject the island to to the savage effects of "wear and tear from careless use" by dog walkers, fishermen, hikers and cyclists.

A paradigm that our Bay clearly cannot afford. Thanks to an upcoming court decision, we most likely won't have to, either.

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