Jul 29, 2009

Sears Island - the rats revealed - via FOIA!

I went to Maine Governor Baldacci's office today and copied around 100 pages of FOA stuff - Most of the other 150 pages were replicated in the recent FOA of MDOT (FOA= Maine Freedom of Access Act)

Baldacci FOA January, February & March 2009

Baldacci FOA April, May and June 2009

A few choice excerpts:

February 10-11, 2009 "Bullets for Tea" Baldacci's team works up one liners for a quick get together with the sellouts. Example: "Joan Saxe and the Sierra Clubt underwent some of the most trying attacks by naysayers for their willingness to be flexible in an ultimate outcome for Sears Island."

March 3, 2009 A "Progress report: Sears Island Port Development."

April 16, 2009 Steve Miller of Islesboro Island writes to Cole and Baldacci - uneasy about MDOT's build-on-the-island PR spin. What about Mack Point? he asks. Even with his misgivings, however, he closes his email to Cole and Baldacci with: "Thank you for your service to Maine!"

On May 18th Jim Freeman of Maine Earth First! tips off Baldacci's Senior Policy Advisor that a demonstration is planned for outside the Governor's celebration. Freeman forwards the governor an action alert from the Maine Earth First list serve.

....only hours ahead of Becky Bartovics of PBA/Sierra Club doing the same.

On May 19th, note how NRCM - which has had no known involvement of any sort, gets itself invited to the Downeast mag Baldacci award ceremony.

Lots more fun & creepy things at those two links

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