Feb 20, 2017

Monhegan ocean windpower history:Listen to legislators develop Maine's offshore windpower law - in 2010.

Below are links to mp3  audio recordings of the Maine legislature's Energy Utilities and Technology Committee in March 2010 holding its historic public hearing and three worksessions on Maine's ocean windpower bill LD 1810, An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force.  (as passed into law)

March 11, 2010 public hearing on LD 1810 (Note these 3/10/2010 recordings are on the Internet Archive; they may take a little more time to load) 

Feb 18, 2017

ME FOAA Todd Burrowes - Other participants in the emails

State officials in the FOAA'd emails 

*  Ayotte, Shannon <shannon.ayotte@maine.gov>  DACF Commissioner's Office

* Burrowes, Todd <Todd.Burrowes@maine.gov> Coastal Program. Federal Consistency

* Leyden, Kathleen <Kathleen.Leyden@maine.gov> Maine Coastal Program, Chief

* Nixon, Matthew E <Matthew.E.Nixon@maine.gov>,  Coastal Program - Ocean planning

* Townsend, Erle <Erle.Townsend@maine.gov>  DEP Commissioner's office

* Zabierek, Tina  christina.s.zabierek@maine.gov  DEP Policy Director

* Heather Leonas <heather.leonasmca@gmail.com> ME Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative
* Kay Mann <kmann@3degreesinc.com> Maine Green Power Program outreach coord.


Feb 17, 2017

Monhegan floating windmills project spun in Augusta 1/7/17 AUDIO ONLINE

Listen to  two leaders of the of the University of Maine-led  Maine AquaVentus project, Habib Dagher and Jake Ward on January 7, 2017 give the Maine Legislature'e Energy Utilities and Technology Committee (EUT) a 52 minute progress report and backgrounder on the plan to build two utility scale floating wind turbines and tow them  to  state waters off Monhegan. Island.   Below the briefing audio are mp3s of the 2010 hearing and worksessions that created Maine offshore wind law

A. FULL 52 MINUTE  briefing of EUT Committee on the  Maine AquaVentus project by Habib Dagher & Jake Ward & QAs on Maine AquaVentus project.

B. The floating windpower briefing broken into  sections

EUT Committee opens meeting 2min3sec

Dr.Habib Dagher's  opening statement Pt 1. 8min29sec
Dr. Dagher's opening statement Pt 2. 10min 22sec

Dr. Dagher on anchoring technology 7min45sec

Dagher describes offshore test site 3min22sec

Dr Dagher gets question on Statoil's progress elsewhere_etc_5min27sec.mp3

Dr Dagher on other countries' progress in ocean windpower 1min 42sec.mp3

Senator Woodsome EUT committee chair asks Dagher what legislature can do. 2min45sec

Jake Ward's_& Dagher's final remarks_65,sec

Audio recordings of 2010 EUT  public hearing and worksessions on   
LD 1810, An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force.  (as passed into law)

Feb 15, 2010 Jake Ward describes LD 1810 to Monhegan audience

March 11, 2010 public hearing on LD 1810  

March 18, 2010 EUT worksession on LD 1810

March 23 2010 EUT worksession on LD 1810

March 24, 2010, EUT worksession on LD 1810


Feb 13, 2017

Maine Legislature's IF&W Committee briefed by Dept of IFW chief and staff, 1/17/17 AUDIO mp3s

Maine 2017 Marine Resources Committee members & Contact Into

Maine Legislature's Marine Resources Committee

Members & Staff
 Julia Brown - Committee Clerk 287-1337
 Michael Russo - OFPR Analyst
 Craig Nale - OPLA Analyst

 Senator Joyce Maker - Chair  Joyce.Maker@legislature.maine.gov 454-2327
Professional legislator

 Senator Eric Brakey Eric.Brakey@legislature.maine.gov  406-0897
Energy Consultant

 Senator Eloise Vitelli   Eloise.Vitelli@legislature.maine.gov  443-4660

 Rep.  Walter Kumiega - Chair 
 (207) 479-5459 cell
Walter Kumiega Photo

 Rep. Robert Alley Robert.Alley@legislature.maine.gov
 (207) 263-4442 
Lobsterman,  Retired U.S. Navy; Retired Teacher
Robert Alley photo

 Rep Kevin Battle Kevin.Battle@legislature.maine.gov
 (207) 831-6962
Harbormaster. Retired policeman
Kevin Battle

 Rep Lydia Blume  York 
(207) 363-9235   Self-employed
Lydia Blume photo

 Rep Michael Devin Boothbay  Monhegan, 
(207) 975-3132 Marine biologist
Mike Devin photo

 Rep David Haggan David.Haggan@legislature.maine.gov

 Rep Stephanie Hawke Boothbay 
 (207) 380-6803 auto repair/sales
Stephanie Hawke photo

Rep David Haggan.  Hampden
David.Haggan@legislature.maine.gov autorep/sales
(207) 944-7471  Teacher Social Studies middle school
David Haggan photo

Rep Abden Simmons   Friendship, part of Union, Waldoboro, Washington.
Commercial fisherman. Chair Shellfish Committee,member of Maine Elver Fish Assn 
Abden Simmons photo

 Rep Paula Sutton Paula.Sutton@legislature.maine.gov (207) 380 3406
Restaurants, trader Paula Sutton photo

 Rep William Tuell 
Will.Tuell@legislature.maine.gov (207) 271-852
William Tuell photo

Legislature's Inland Fish & Wildlife Committee audio

ME Legislature's Inland Fish & Wildlife Committee 1/13/17 AUDIO. Hedgehogs, turkeys, & exempting vets from hunter safety class.

On January 13 2017  Maine legislature's  Inland Fish & Wildlife Committee held hearings on  three bills  LD 35, LD 52 and LD 98

LD 35. Resolve, To Allow the Unlicensed Ownership of Hedgehogs as Pets Allow the unlicensed ownership of  hedgehogs as pets
Full public hearing on LD 35  Including students.  73min
Concerns raised by state of imported animals carrying diseases from Away.

LD98. An Act To Eliminate Permits for Wild Turkey Hunting, Expand the Bag Limits and Expand Opportunities for Registering Wild Turkeys
Testimony on LD 98 60 min

LD 52. Exempt Certain Veterans from Hunter Safety Courses
LD 52 Public hearing & .Work session 1hr 13min

Feb 11, 2017

Maine Legislature 2/6/17 AUDIO of Criminal Justice & Pub Safety Committee hearings on LDS 92, 94, 102, 138.

Maine Legislature's Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee, February 6, 2017
 Audio excerpts of public hearings on LD 92, LD94, LD138 & LD102
Major Chris Grotton, Maine State Police

LD 92 "An Act To Require a Person Who Provides Illegal Drugs To Give Medical Aid to Another Person in Medical Distress Due to That Illegal Drug Transaction"
"Requires a person who provides an illegal substance to an individual that causes that individual serious or life-threatening medical distress,to provide first aid and assistance to that individual and seek assistance from a medical professional, first responder or law enforcement officer."
Complete hearing 35 minutes 


John Pelletier Criminal Law Advisory Commission CLAC.Pt1  8min 20sec   *** Pelletier  Pt 2.  8 min 42sec 

Oamshri Amarasingham, American Civil Liberties Union of Maine 3min
Oamshri Amarasingham, ACLU-ME

Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 5min


LD 94 "An Act To Provide a Source of Funding for Drug Abuse Resistance Education"
Provide the D.A.R.E. Program at more Maine schools with  funding from the sale of forfeited firearms that are auctioned to federally licensed firearms dealers or the public

Senator Cyrway Introduction & Q&A  20min 42sec

Camille DeSoto  Mother of son killed by drugs  4min 45 sec

Jenna Mehnert NAMI-Maine to end 3minutes

* LD 102   An act to make a person convicted of a crime liable for payment of investigative and prosecutorial costs.  Requires courts to impose a fine on a persons convicted of a crime, of an amount equal to the costs of investigatiing and prosecuting them.
Representative Karen Gerrish, intros bill. 5 minutes

John Pelletier Criminal Law Advisory Commission 9 minutes

Walter McKee

Walter McKee Maine Criminal Defense Lawyers Assoc & partial Oamshri Amarasingham MCLU. total 7 min30sec

LD 138 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Sex Offender Registry. 
Requires teachers, school employee or other officials having "instructional, supervisory or disciplinary authority " over students  to register with the Maine State Police  if they have been convicted of a Class D or Class C sex crime.

 Senator Cyrway introduces bill, then Q&A 25 minutes

Excerpt:Oamshri Amarasingham MCLU_1min40sec