Sep 24, 2016

Stockton Harbor: MDEP reports on acid, oil and chemical spill incidents,1983-2012

Incident reports  on acid spills oil spills and other chemical at GAC Chemical's Kidder Point property from 1983 to 2012. Click on spill number of the report you wish to read  (From the HOSS online pollution spill reports 
Muncipality: SEARSPORT, Keywords: Delta Chemical, General Alum, GAC Chemical  Reports are html. If the spill number is not clickable, the spill report is pending.
Spill NumberReport DateTown/MCDLocationSpill TypeTank Type
B-257-1983Oct 14, 1983SEARSPORTDELTA CHEMICALS INC...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-271-1983Nov 9, 1983SEARSPORTDELTA CHEMICAL KIDDER...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-101-1984May 27, 1984SEARSPORTDELTA CHEMICALS INC...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-206-1984Sep 21, 1984SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-221-1984Oct 12, 1984SEARSPORTOil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-262-1984Dec 11, 1984SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-10-1985Jan 24, 1985SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-21-1985Feb 11, 1985SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-121-1985Jun 21, 1985SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-1-1985Nov 1, 1985SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-304-1986Jul 30, 1986SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-402-1987Oct 29, 1987SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-250-1988Jun 20, 1988SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-255-1988Jun 22, 1988SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-300-1988Jul 14, 1988SEARSPORTOil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-522-1988Nov 14, 1988SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-579-1988Dec 9, 1988SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-580-1988Dec 9, 1988SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-610-1988Dec 30, 1988SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-15-1989Jan 9, 1989SEARSPORTOil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-65-1989Feb 9, 1989SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-107-1989Mar 12, 1989SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-147-1989Apr 5, 1989SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-241-1989May 12, 1989SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-353-1989Jun 27, 1989SEARSPORT
Spill NumberReport DateTown/MCDLocationSpill TypeTank Type
B-604-1989Oct 11, 1989SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-746-1989Nov 18, 1989SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-42-1990Jan 19, 1990SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-305-1990Jun 4, 1990SEARSPORTOil IncidentUnderground Tank(s) Involved
B-136-1991Mar 20, 1991SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-249-1991Apr 23, 1991SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-435-1991Jul 16, 1991SEARSPORTHazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-637-1991Oct 7, 1991SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-25-1992Jan 13, 1992SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnderground Tank(s) Involved
B-531-1992Oct 1, 1992SEARSPORTOil IncidentUnderground Tank(s) Involved
B-625-1992Nov 5, 1992SEARSPORTNon-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnderground Tank(s) Involved
B-65-1993Feb 5, 1993SEARSPORTOil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-344-1993Jun 29, 1993SEARSPORTDELTA CHEMICAL KIDDER...Oil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified

B-2-1994Jan 3, 1994SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM INC....Oil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-64-1995Feb 7, 1995SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-395-1995Jul 20, 1995SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM INC....Oil IncidentUnderground Tank(s) Involved
B-319-1996Jun 19, 1996SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-383-1996Jul 19, 1996SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-80-1997Feb 13, 1997SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM INC....Hazardous Material IncidentAbove Ground Tank(s) Involved
B-425-1997Aug 5, 1997SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-573-1997Oct 7, 1997SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-668-1997Nov 20, 1997SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Non-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnderground Tank(s) Involved
B-220-1998Apr 3, 1998SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Oil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-308-1998May 4, 1998SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Non-Oil, Non-Hazardous IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-375-1998Jun 9, 1998SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentAbove Ground Tank(s) Involved
B-32-2000Jan 20, 2000SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-695-2000Nov 14, 2000SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM CHEMICAL...Hazardous Material IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-478-2001Aug 27, 2001SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Oil IncidentUnknown/Unspecified
B-62-2002Feb 5, 2002SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentAbove Ground Tank(s) Involved
B-297-2002May 28, 2002SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM CORP...Hazardous Material IncidentNone
B-434-2002Aug 20, 2002SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentNone
B-656-2002Dec 10, 2002SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM CORP...Hazardous Material IncidentNone
B-345-2003Jul 20, 2003SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM CORP...Hazardous Material IncidentAbove Ground Tank(s) Involved
B-556-2004Oct 14, 2004SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentAbove Ground Tank(s) Involved
B-627-2004Nov 17, 2004SEARSPORTGENERAL ALUM &...Hazardous Material IncidentAbove Ground Tank(s) Involved
Additional GAC Chemical spills 
B-627-2004 11/178/04
B-112-2005 3/4/05
B-35-2008  1/19/08  Rail acid spill
B-291-2008 5/25/08 
B-356-2008 6/22/08 
B-306-2009 5/11/09 
B-57-2010 2/3/2010  
B-85-2010 2/20/2010
B-305-2011 5/19/11
B-423-2012 8/17/2012 

Aug 27, 2016

Lethal effects of Atlantic Salmon smolt exposure to aluminum-rich acidic waters - peer reviewed studies suggest similar conditions prevail at Penobscot River mouth.

Below, read a variety of scientific reports on the mortality of Atlantic salmon smolts exposed to acidified freshwater, brackish water and/or saltwater contaminated with dissolved aluminum. About Salmon smoltification 

It is hypothesized that Atlantic Salmon declines in Penobscot River are in part due to such conditions existing since the 1950s  in waters just outside the mouth of Penobscot River, due to acid, sulfur and aluminum wastes eroding and leaching into southwest Stockton Harbor from an abandoned sulfuric acid, fertilizer and alum production complex on the harbor's Kidder Point.   Tests since the 1980s document these conditions.

Consensus on adverse impacts.
The impact of this mixture of acid sulfur and aluminum on Atlantic salmon smolts has been well documented since at least the late 1980s by researchers in the USA, Canada, Norway and elsewhere. There is a general consensus among the scientific community that exposure of salmon smolts to chronic or episodic acid-released aluminum leads to at least two often lethal impacts:
1Accumulation of gill surface aluminum, "leading to substantial alterations in gill morphology, reduced gill Na+/K+-ATPase (NKA) activity, and impaired ion regulation in both freshwater and seawater."
2. Premature smoltification. Gill-impacted smolts switch to saltwater respiration chemistry (osmoregulation) while still in brackish or fresh waters

Topical Searches
* Google Scholar Aluminum + estuarine
* Google scholar: aluminum + estuary +Maine
* Pub Med search on estuarine and aluminum


Effect of aluminum on fish in acidic waters. A term paper submitted to
The Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA)
Agricultural University of Norway, 2004 

Effects of Acidity and Aluminum on the Physiology and Migratory Behavior of Atlantic Salmon Smolts in Maine, USA  J. A. Magee, T. A. Haines, J. F. Kocik, K. F. Beland, S. D. McCormick, Water, Air, and Soil Pollution: Vol 130, Issue 1, pp 881–886 August 2001, 

Other species 
Watershed scale & chemistry studies of aluminum & acids' bio-impacts