Oct 18, 2017

Rockland Harbor Commission Meeting 10/17/17 AUDIO RECORDINGS

Audio recordings form the Rockland Harbormaster Commission meeting held  101717 at the Harbormaster's office.

Note there is considerable background noise from a Rockland Yacht Club event  party being held beyond the room  divider at  back right in the photo.

Part 1. 15minutes

Part 2. 16minutes

Part 3. 20 minutes

Ron Huber recording

Oct 13, 2017

Quorum disruption on industrial scale - an end to natural biofouling?

A critically important event in the life of nearly all marine invertebrates is successfully "settling".

Settling means transitioning from being a floating zooplankton larvae to living in or on the seafloor and other solid marine surfaces. like rocky ledge outcrops seagrasses and seaweeds

It was only relatively recently discovered that  the  larvae of each species  will only succeed in settling, if there is a biofilm of specific bacteria species covering that surface. Mussels, seaworms, barnacles: each requires  a specific microbial welcome mat to land upon

By Tom Defoirdt, 1 , 2 , * Nico Boon, 2 and Peter Bossier 1

Induction of Invertebrate Larval Settlement; Different Bacteria, Different Mechanisms?
Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 42557 (2017)
Marnie L. Freckelton
, Brian T. Nedved
& Michael G. Hadfield

Influence of biofilms on the larval settlement of Balanus reticulatus Utinomi (Cirripedia: Crustacea) 1999

Biofouling Journal 
 2013;29(9):1097-113. doi: 10.1080/08927014.2013.828712. Epub 2013 Sep 18.
Interactions between microbial biofilms and marine fouling algae: a mini review.
Mieszkin S1, Callow ME, Callow JA.

Interactions between microbial biofilms and marine fouling algae: a mini review
Sophie Mieszkin,Maureen E. Callow &James A. Callow
Pages 1097-1113 | Received 31 May 2013, Accepted 20 Jul 2013, Published online: 18 Sep 201

. 2010 Jul; 6(7): e1000989.
Published online 2010 Jul 8. doi:  10.1371/journal.ppat.1000989
PMCID: PMC2900297

Sep 27, 2017

Cruise ship schedules Rockland Maine 2017

Scheduled Cruise ship arrivals/departures  Rockland  Maine 2017
twenty two visits so far. Six more to come.

Source - cruisemapper - Rockland Maine 2017

30 May, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 30 May - departing at 30 May)

8 June, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 08 Jun - departing at 08 Jun)

15 June, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 15 Jun - departing at 15 Jun)

22 June, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 22 Jun - departing at 22 Jun)

13 July, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 13 Jul - departing at 13 Jul)

20 July, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 20 Jul - departing at 20 Jul)

27 July, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 27 Jul - departing at 27 Jul)
MS Independence (arriving at 27 Jul - departing at 27 Jul)

3 August, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 03 Aug - departing at 03 Aug)
MS Independence (arriving at 03 Aug - departing at 03 Aug)

10 August, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 10 Aug - departing at 10 Aug)
MS Independence (arriving at 10 Aug - departing at 10 Aug)

17 August, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 17 Aug - departing at 17 Aug)
MS Independence (arriving at 17 Aug - departing at 17 Aug)

24 August, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 24 Aug - departing at 24 Aug)
MS Independence (arriving at 24 Aug - departing at 24 Aug)

31 August, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 31 Aug - departing at 31 Aug)

1 September, 2017

American Glory (arriving at 01 Sep - departing at 01 Sep)

7 September, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 07 Sep - departing at 07 Sep)

14 September, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 14 Sep - departing at 14 Sep)

22 September, 2017

MS Independence (arriving at 22 Sep - departing at 22 Sep)

26 September, 2017

Vision Of The Seas (arriving at 07:00 - departing at 19:00)


4 October, 2017

Vision Of The Seas (arriving at 07:00 - departing at 18:00)

15 October, 2017

Silver Whisper (arriving at 07:00 - departing at 17:00)

19 October, 2017

Norwegian Gem (arriving at 08:00 - departing at 18:00)

20 October, 2017

Vision Of The Seas (arriving at 07:00 - departing at 18:00)

Sep 21, 2017

Rockland Harbor Mgmt Commission 9/20/17 mtg: cruise ships, pier upgrades, lobsterfest. AUDIO mp3s

Rockland Harbor Mgmt Commission audio  with notes from the meeting below the recordings

Part 2 Cruise ships issues discussion 28min 23sec  Topics: how limit themLobstermen windjammers  users oppose expansion Main street supports  Much more 

Notes from Rockland Harbor Commission Meeting 9/20/17 

PART 1 Recording
Public comment: Ron Huber urges  the HMC contact other bay & river HMCs that host cruiseships and work together,  Or else "jhang separately)

Update fishpier grant application 
Harbormaster is open to major infrastructure revamping of waterfront 

Grants city got two grants for south end ramp dock  Missed out of two grants also inclue BIG grant 
dredging fishpier etc need acoe and other area

City will pull floats after Oct 19  end of cruise season

New harbormaster website up ,  webcam not yet working 

PART 2 recording
Cruise ship fees - mayor will says no workshop only selected interested parties at table of meeting 
City must publish public notice of non workshop

Compared cruise ship fees elsewhere

 Council to ask for rise from $8 to $10 per head   Very low amount 

Louise notes Rocklandf unique location , 
Other maine towns  have moratoriums on cruiseships . How? Through limiting access to cruiseship tender vessels 
This cirucumvented is  when cruisesers using private dock  - will FMC sell out and become a cruise ship dock

Summer and shoulder seas on - push back from city council  for more

Rockland is not a class a port so no direct vessels from outside US  Musdt enter via boston or portland 
How many cruiseships plan to his Rockland /bay? hard to find out. 

Informal poll shows people 50 50 divided - lobstermen other  harbor users mostly opposed to cruise ship expansion while  main street supports expansion uber alles.
Need a formal study of the effects on existing users   Ron Hubersuggests get MLA involved  

Origin of vessels  most come to maine going north not south  from Boston portland 
Concern by chair that the chamber of commerce  seek year round jobs businesses not seaonsals They workout  distrib lixt re creuiseships
Houseboats in rockland harbor - topic for n=future HMNC meeting 

Tom Luttrell organizing a tourf of the swewage treatment system of a cruise ship  Get on this list

PART 3 recordings
Lobster festival Cindy powers said  the could look into moving carnies from lobster festival Make it more   foodie celebration than  generic carnival - do that elsewhere. elsewhen

Lack of quorum means Louise nominee for HMC chair - cant be voted on .

End of meeting

Aug 22, 2017

Rockland fishpier dredge plan withdrawn!

Rockland fishpier dredge plan withdrawn! 
Opposition to contaminants & costs  push it back for at least a year

What a roller coaster this dredge process has been - the Feds said NO...the City said YES...the Feds came back with YES...the City came back with NO!  At least until 2019 

What happened.
Realizing that a great deal of decisionmaking was going on behind closed doors, we decided to  lift the rock that dredge fast-trackers were creeping about under. We showed  the  people how shaky a plan its supporters had for dealing with old sediments heavy with PCBs lead, cadmium PAHs.

Little more than a year ago the Army Corps of Engineers rejected dumping  Rockland fishpier dredge spoils into the Rockland Disposal Site - located between the Fox Islands and Rockland. The Corps  bluntly found that:
"These sediments are not suitable for unconfined open water disposal at the Rockland Disposal Site (RDS) as proposed. There are alternatives available to the applicant. These include upland disposal or biological testing of the materials.
Metals "in the sediments represented by Composite 2, cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg) concentrations for the project are more than twice the “mean plus two times the standard deviation” of the RDS reference value." .
"Five PAHs (phenanthrene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzo(a)anthracene, and chrysene) concentrations are at least 10 times reference values.
PCBs, "most of the congener concentrations in the project were above the analytical detection limits.
End of excerpts

Then the plan shifted to dumping it onto a public park - Rockland people said NO. Lots of them. Heavy metals PCBs, and families and pets don't mix.  

Foiled again, the  dredge wannabees went back to the Army Corps of Engineers and talked them into reconsidering their earlier NO.  On July 27, 2017, Army Corps' Charles Farris sent an email to two other Corps officials and Bud Brown of sediment sampler EcoAnalysts Inc, 

He tersely stated "Here is the final sampling plan for the Rockland Fish Pier. Please contact me with any questions."

Time to reach out outside Rockland. I contacted the Vinalhaven town manager and the islands lobster cooperative suggested that they  were on the verge of getting a surprise dredge spoils  dump With its 42 million dollar a year (2016) lobster fishery at risk of getting tainted, they were eager to get all the gory details which Maine's Freedom of Access Act and several honest city officials   enabled us to gain and  then get out to the public


2. In 2017 the city of Rockland then turned to the land disposal option and found two possible sites.
One would be a fresh topping* of Snow Marine Park in Rockland's south end with the spoils. This would elevate the height above sea level of the park by a certain amount. The second would cap the now filled-to-capacity Rockland Quarry Dump with the spoils, over which a sodded surface would be planted
However Nature has reasserted Herself. The waters that formerly flowed down slope through the South End as a stream into the cove now disperses itself through the filled-in spoils, upwelling as significant wetlands across the north end of the park, making that area off limits and apparently reducing the available area to too small for the spoils . In addition the city councilmembers seem to oppose topping a public park with sediments tainted with lead, cadmium PCBs and other toxins
* Snow Marine Park was created by filling an intertidal cove with dredge spoils - about half a century ago. (From where?)
3. Back to the bay! On July 27, 2017, Army Corps' Charles Farris sent an email to two other Corps officials and Bud Brown the rep of EcoAnalysts Inc . The short message:
"Here is the final sampling plan for the Rockland Fish Pier. Please contact me with any questions."

Aug 19, 2017

Rockland Comprehensive plan overhaul - updates 8 /17/17 on water uses, recreation, forestry & more. AUDIO

Rockland Comprehensive Planning Commission meeting August 17, 2017 
Audio mp3s of  the meeting. *  Meeting agenda  Commission webpage 
Includes: (1) Reports on Comprehensive plan updates. (2) Rockland Farms & Forests Report 59min

(1) Update Reports

Recreation & Open Space  16min 9sec

Above reports as one audio. 27min 35sec

(2) Presentation:  Rockland Farms & Forests Report by Amy Files &John Grondin

Meeting Attendees
Commission members 
Julie Lewis, Chair
Eileen Wilkinson
Amy Files,  Renew Rockland
Callie Black,  Rockland heart and soul 
James Kalloch Workboat operator, snowplowing

Members Not attending
Michelle Gifford
 Michael Silverstein  (resigned)

Also attending 
Ann Kreig from Midcoast Regional Planning Commission
Bill Butler - "staff"
Ron Huber  WRFR LPFM radio producer, FOPB
John Grondin head of Parks Commission

Members Not attending
Commissioner Michelle Gifford  wasnt there 
Commissioner Michael Silverstein  has quit 

Terry Pinto,Rockland Sewage Treatment Plan
 Shelley Kushner, Alternate