Feb 15, 2018

Public pans Yachting Solutions plan for Rockland Harbor.

 Majority favors extreme cutback of plan. 
As promised Rockland City Hall  resounded wednesday night to the sound of discontented harbor  users responding to  Yachting Solutions LLC marine expansion plan  as it was laid out  Listen to the voices of the people and the presenters  as mp3s below
Part 1 Intro & public comments 25minutes

Individual Public Comments

Lynne Barnard  1 min 40sec

Ron Huber, Friends of Penobscot Bay 1min 30sec

Steve Hale "Captain Jack" 1min41sec

Joe Steinberger. 1min 13sec

Nancy Fitzgerald 3min 50sec

Debby Atwell 4min 31sec

Part 2 Bill Morong 11min

Part 3 Matt Ripley Rockland Harbormaster 6min 58sec

Part 4 Mike Sabatini Landmark Inc 10min 20sec

Part 5 Bill Morong 3min 50sec

Part 6 Tom Luttrell 5min 50sec

Part 7 Attorney  Mary Costigan on pertinent laws 4min 16sec  (starts late)

20 attendees ask questions to mtg  end 40min

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