Jul 20, 2017

Rockland Fishpier Dredge plan FOAA docs June 2016 to July 2017.

On July 20th,Rockland Harbormaster Matt Riley responded to Friends of Penobscot Bay's  request for info on dredge plans for Rockland's Municipal Fish Pier  with the below emails and documents. They date from June 26, 2016 to July 19,2017. Thanks Matt!

2016 first then 2017

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2016  Emails relating to Rockland Fishpier dredging and renovation

062616_Richard Whitman fisherman, Matt Ripley

062616_Bud Brown president EcoAnalysts, Inc to Audra Caler-Bell Rockland community development spec; Matt Ripley, Rockland Harbormaster Cc: Tim Forrester & Lisa Vickers (EcoAnalysts)

* 070816 Refined sample map

070916_Bud Brown. Audra Caler-Bell; Matt Ripley Cc: Tim Forrester; Lisa Vickers

071116_ Bud Brown, Audra Caler-Bell; Matt Ripley Cc: Steve Durrell -Prock Marine

080916_Peter Tischbein ACOE Cc: Jay Clement ACOE; Shawn Mahaney ACOE; Audra Caler-Bell; Matt Ripley; Tim Forrester; Lisa Vickers(biologist,EcoAnalysts) 

* 080916 Rockland Fish Pier Grain Size Analysis for Use of Sand as Cover for Dredge Material.

090216_Kim King (MDOT) to Brian Downey (ME Pilotage Assn) re Port Safety Forums 106 & 107

090916_Peter Blanchard DEP  to Matt Ripley.

091916_Peter Tischbein to Ripley

112216  Carol Woodcock (Senator Collins), Matt Ripley, Nick Battista (Island Institute), Patricia Aho, (Collins)

2017 Emails relating to Rockland Fishpier Dredgeing and renovation

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