Jul 26, 2016

Monhegan and the Ivory Windtower

Monhegan and the Ivory Windtower

Working Water Front, the Rockland-based tabloid of coastal Maine science, fish and sociology has just published an article on the state's at-last pick of waters off Monhegan Island  to host a UMaine-led offshore wind test project.

University officials say they seek to install one 100-kilowatt turbine and one 10-killowatt turbine at this site,  the WW reports.   The site is located less than two miles south of Monhegan's Lobster Cove. Click here to see map of Monhegan test site.

Haibib Dagher of U Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Cente, is is longtime advocate for Maine to be the site of future R&D of deepwater offshore wind facilities. He has equated the Gulf of Maine’s wind capacity to that of Saudi Arabia for oil production. (as have the boosters of wind in nearly every other state of the union, though this may be the first Saudi Arabia-comparison of an American territorial waters to a desert land.

Dagher gave testimony last summer about wind energy in front of Congress stating that Maine has the potential to produce about 130 gigawatts of power in deep water — 60 to 900 meters deep — within 50 nautical miles of the coast.

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