Dec 16, 2015

Rockland City Council 12/14/15 discusses & votes for moratorium.Audio of individual speakers

On december 14, 2015 Rockland City Council took up  and passed, 3-2, the first step of the the big energy moratorium  decision  the proposal  was submitted by Councilmember William Jillson.  A second, final vote will be held January 11, 2016   (News coverage: Here

Rockland comprehensive plan group chimed in Dec 17th.  ]  
Here are recordings from that meeting, broken into individual speakers and discussions.  Full 43minute meeting audio

Introduction Reading of draft moratorium by city clerk 5min 30sec 
Larry Pritchett
City Councilmember Larry Pritchett speaks in support of moratorium 5min

City Councilmember Valli Geiger speaks in support of moratorium 4min 12sec

City Councilmember Will Clayton speaks in opposition to the morotorium 6min 53sec

City manager James Chaousis speaks in opposition to the moratorium 4min 40sec

City Council discussion 1 Pritchett, Geiger, Clayton 4min 55sec

City Council discussion 2 Bill Clayton  7min 52sec

City Council discussion 3 (Chaousis) 2min 45sec

City Council votes on the moratorium

William Jillson

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