Dec 15, 2015

Listen to Rockland city council giving preliminary approval to a 6 month moratorium on Big Energy projects 12/14/15

Rockland city council gives initial approval to 6 month moratorium on Big Energy projects 

On  December 14, 2015 Rockland city council gave preliminary approval to a 6 month moratorium on Big Energy projects    Read draft moratorium (jpeg)                                                                            Second reading and final approval will take place on January 11, 2016

Tonight the Rockland city council passed - in first reading- a  6 month moratorium on considering any ten megawatt or bigger power plant applications. 

  Proposed moratorium was introduced by Councilman William Jillson. This is the first ordinance proposed by Jillson, who defeated Rockland's pro-gas councilor/mayor Frank Isganitis in the recent election.. 
So far...So Good!, Bill!
The moratorium still has to have a second reading and final vote.

But it seems clear that the needed three council members:  Jillson,  Valli Geiger and Larry Pritchett  have looked into the concerns their People have been raising about the weakness of city ordinances to take on big gas  industrial operations coastal natural gas power plant, and found them compelling.  
Moratorium opponents were either vague on why - Rockland's new mayor Louise MacLellan-Ruf. 

Or as in Councilor Will Clayton, repeating  the absent gas guy Evan Coleman's talking points: 

* What if Coleman came up with a super duper proposal two months from now?  He'd have to wait 4 months more while the city developed its big gas ordinance.

* What if some unknown would be gas power applicants suddenly appeared and had a super duper good proposal -  but then had to wait until the city drafted an ordinance? 

* What if  some UNKNOWN CITY  INDUSTRIAL LANDOWNER has to wait 6 months until regulation are developed before submitting his application?    

One supposes these frustrated corporate persons would  take their polluting industry elsewhere.  Suffice it to say no new applicant has arisen, and no new property owner eager to turn their property into a gas plant. has been identified. "Thomaston" some have said. 

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