Jul 9, 2015

Searsport Harbor Mega-dredge plan: Board of Enviro Protection to decide if it will take over state decisionmaking.

Searsport Harbor Super-Dredge/Dump Plan:
Will the Maine Board of Environmental Protection  take over  state decisionmaking on controversial plan for biggest Maine dredge project ever?

On July 16th the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) will hold a hearing on requests that it take over decisionmaking  about the Army Corps of Engineers application to dredge up nearly 900,000 cubic yards of sediments from outer Searsport Harbor and nearby Long Cove,then dump them  several miles away at a site between Belfast and Islesboro Island. The Board has four criteria for deciding; at least 3 must be met.

Below read links to the documents being supplied to the BEP by Commissioner Patty Aho about the  incredibly controversial Searsport Navigation Improvement Project.
More than 30 individuals and groups (including Friends of Penobscot Bay) are calling for the BEP to "assume jurisdiction" over the project.

Request for Board to take Jurisdiction. Staff: James Beyer, Bureau of Land Quality
* Staff Memo
* Criteria for Board Jurisdiction:  Excerpts from Statute and Rule
* Commissioner Aho’s June 24, 2015 Determination on Board Jurisdiction

Excerpts from the Application:
* Public Review Draft:  Environmental Assessment April 2013
* Searsport Harbor Federal Navigation Maintenance & Improvement Project:  April 2015 Update
* Letter from Town of Islesboro:  May 27, 2015 Request for Board Jurisdiction
* Islesboro Islands Trust:  June 1, 2015 Request for Board Jurisdiction
* Letter from Kim Ervin Tucker:  June 1, 2015 Request for Board Jurisdiction
* Additional Requests for Board Jurisdiction   (FOPB is on that list)

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