Dec 22, 2014

Coming event: Maine legislator to explain Ocean Acidification Commission results January 7th, Belfast Public Library. Plus Fundy Baykeeper & GAC win.

BELFAST.  Coastal acidification, ocean acidification & remarks from the Fundy Baykeeper on the new Penobscot Baykeeper plan are on the agenda for the January 7, 2015 meeting of Friends of Penobscot Bay. The meeting will be held in the Belfast Public Library's 3rd floor meeting room, from 6pm to 7:30pm.  Free and open to all. 

Representative Mick Devin will discuss and take questions on the new report by Maine's Ocean Acidification Commission that crystallizes the thinking from across the spectrum of Maine governmental, academic, aquaculture fishery and  and other living marine resources interests.  

Representative Devin is co-leader of the commission. He says that the Commission's top priority is to institute regular acid testing of flats and waters along the entire length of the Maine coast.  

Until then, Devin says, regulators have no idea what the hot spots of the Maine coast are that most need remediation. The commission also calls for several other initiatives including stricter enforcement of state pollution laws and hatchery production of softshell clams, growing them in that sheltered environment to a size that can successfully resist shell corrosion from acidic waters and from green crabs, before releasing them into Maine's increasingly acidic and crab-infested flats,  as well as sveral other initiative

Before Representative Devin's talk, Ron Huber of the Friends of Penobscot Bay will briefly describe his group's success at getting longtime coastal acidifier GAC Chemical Corporation to agree to remove acidic wastes from its waterfront and shore up part of an eroding bluff that has sent tons of spent bauxite ore and sulfuric acid  directly into Stockton Harbor over the  past 40 years. The group will commend GAC Chemical for taking this important first step in healing the harbor's industrialized southwestern cove. 

Fundy Baykeeper Matt Abbott will follow Representative Devin. Matt is one of two baykeepers of the Gulf of Maine (along with outgoing Casco Baykeeper Joe Payne). Baykeeper programs vary widely.  

Each is custom-fitted to the unique environment ecology, sociology and economy of that bay, river or lake-keeper. Casco Baykeeper and  Fundy Baykeeper have different but quite effective modus operandis reflecting their different circumstances.

Friends of Penobscot Bay leader Huber said his group envisions having the best of both programs: the research and agency/legislative interaction of the Casco Baykeeper's program and the Fundy Baykeeper's focus on advocacy and oversight of coastal industrialization & sprawl proposals large and small, 

"With a little help from our friends we'll be able to carry out  our missions and steward Penobscot Bay through the ongoing changes in acidity, climate and population," he said.

The event is free and open to the public. All interested in Penobscot Bay including students, bay-dependent businesses, and everyone who loves or cares about Penobscot Bay are urged to attend.

For  more information contact the Friends of Penobscot Bay at 207-691-7485 or

Friends of Penobscot Bay: people who care about Maine's biggest bay

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