Nov 8, 2014

Rockport Harbor, according to the Maine Coastal Pilot

(443) Rockport Harbor, on the west side of West Penobscot Bay about 4 miles northward of Rockland Harbor, is a good anchorage for vessels of any size, sheltered from all but southerly winds, and is easy of access. The harbor is about 0.7 mile wide at the entrance between Indian Island and the western shore, and gradually narrows to the head.

(444) Rockport is a town at the head of the harbor at the entrance to Goose River.

 Prominent features 
(446) Lowell Rock Light 2 (44°09.8'N., 69°03.6'W.), 25 feet above the water, is shown from a spindle with a triangular red daymark on the south end of Lowell Rock. A fairway bell buoy 0.4 mile southeast of the light marks the entrance to the harbor. A clock tower at the head of the harbor is conspicuous. Beauchamp Point,the eastern point of Rockport Harbor north of Indian Island, is prominent.

(448) The entrance is deep and clear with the exception of Porterfield Ledge in the middle of the entrance. The depths in the channel range from over 50 feet in the entrance to 8.3 feet at the head. Passage is sometimes made by local small craft at high water across the ledge between Indian Island and Beauchamp Point.

(450) Vessels can anchor anywhere between the entrance and a point 1 mile southward of the head, in depths of 42 to 63 feet, soft bottom. Small vessels and motorboats can find anchorage nearer the head.

 No-Discharge Zone 
(452) The State of Maine, with the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency, has established a No-Discharge Zone (NDZ) in the coastal waters of Camden, Rockport, Rockland, and portions of Owls Head (see chart 13307).
(453) Within the NDZ, discharge of sewage, whether treated or untreated, from all vessels is prohibited. Outside the NDZ, discharge of sewage is regulated by 40 CFR 140 (see chapter 2).

(455) Porterfield Ledge, in the middle of the entrance to Rockport Harbor, uncovers several feet at low water; a daybeacon is on the ledge. Indian Island, on the eastern side of the entrance, is grassy and marked at its south end by an abandoned lighthouse. An unmarked fish weir is on the west side of the harbor, about 0.3 mile southward of the entrance to Goose River.
(456) Seal Ledge, uncovered at low water, on the east side of the harbor about 0.7 mile northward of the light, is marked by a daybeacon.

(458) Vessels can enter Rockport Harbor on either side of Porterfield Ledge Daybeacon, giving the daybeacon a berth of at least 150 yards. When in the harbor stand northward in midharbor until 0.3 mile from the head, then slightly favor the eastern side.

(460) Gasoline, diesel fuel, ice, provisions, and some marine supplies can be obtained in Rockport.

 Small-craft facilities 
(462) A public float landing, maintained by the town of Rockport, is at the east side of the entrance to Goose River, at the head of the harbor. Depths of 3 feet are reported alongside the float; water is available. The Rockport Yacht Club, close westward, has a float landing with 3 feet reported alongside. There are a number of private wharves in the harbor.
(463) A boatyard, close eastward of the public landing, has a 12-ton mobile hoist and facilities for open or covered winter storage. Depths of 8 to 10 feet are reported alongside the floats. Hull and engine repairs can be made, and gasoline, diesel fuel, water, ice, electricity, marine supplies, and transient moorings are available. The yard builds boats up to 45 feet long.
(464) A municipal marina park is on the west side of the harbor, about 120 yards west of the boatyard. Transient berths, with depths of 3 to 8 feet reported alongside the floats, are available.

(465) The town harbormaster can usually be found at the park. A speed limit of 5 mph is enforced in the harbor.

(467) Local taxi service is available as is through bus service.

(468) Deadman Point is about 0.4 mile northeast of Indian Island. Hog Cove, on the north side of Deadman Point, has two private piers with float landings. Hog Cove Ledge extends about 0.4 mile above Deadman Point and forms the eastern side of the cove. Goose Rock is a bare ledge about 0.2 mile north of Hog Cove Ledge. A 12-foot spot 0.4 mile northeast of Deadman Point is marked on the east side by a buoy.

(469) The Graves, about 1 mile offshore, midway between the entrance to Rockport and Camden Harbors, is a ledge showing bare rocky heads at high water and a large area that uncovers at low water. A lighted gong buoy is just eastward of The Graves.

(470) Camden Harbor, on the west side of West Penobscot Bay about 6 miles north of Rockland Harbor, is the approach to the town of Camden. The harbor is frequented by many yachts and small craft.

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