Apr 19, 2013

Ring Around the Bay! June 1st, come together around Penobscot Bay

Want to help create a baykeeper organization for Penobscot Bay?

On Saturday June 1st join the rest of Penobscot Bay as a single community, in a gigantic  living


Penobscot Bay has only recently escaped a major industrial development in its brackish  upper estuary that would have had major short term and long term negative effects on the fish,, shellfish  and other wildlife of the bay, as well as the many  tourism businesses  and commercial fisheries that  sustainably exploit them.

 Fending off the DCP Midstream supertank proposal required quickly organizing an effective opposition to respond to the flurry of local state and federal permits and licenses suddenly under consideration.

Happily, because bay defenders had already encountered and fended off  two  enormous industrial port proposals for nearby Sears Island,  the importance of coordinating concerned citizenry  to react to these permit applications and to the company's public relations team was  well understood.  Despite the vigorous efforts of Governors McKernan, King and Baldacci to ram their port plans through,  these projects were held off, and Sears Island remains tranquil - though scarred by an unlawfully constructed  causeway and road that now supports hikers and bicyclists rather than  woodchip trucks or LNG tanker trucks.

But these projects keep on coming - not to mention the many many smaller development proejcts that cumulatively add up to bad news for the bay.   In order to not have to reinvent the wheel each time one comes forward - anywhere around Penobscot Bay - we very much need a baywide environmental organization that can mobilze effective responses.

The recently incorporated Friends of Penobscot Pay plans to be that organization.  We will hire and train a Penobscot Baykeeper  who will keep in contact with the fishermen, sailors, harbormasters, tourism businesses and all others who work and play in Penobscot Bay  both to inform them when issues of pollution or coastal sprawl are coming down that could harm the bay, and to leanr from this wide web of bay-relating people when ecological  or environmental problems crop up in their part of Penobscot Bay

On Saturday June 1st, join hikers, waders, swimmers, divers, paddlers, sailors, fishermen, beachcombers, virtual travelers and more, as the Friends of Penobscot Bay coordinate an amazing living snapshot and celebration of the beauty, health and productivity of Maine's biggest bay - and of challenges facing Penobscot Bay and those who depend on its natural beauty and productivity. Registration information below.You can help make this happen in any myriad ways.

From Port Clyde round to Stonington, from Monhegan to Sears Island, the Friends of Penobscot Bay need to find those who can and will use their technology old and new, to connect Bay huggers in a living and virtual Ring Around the Bay.

Semaphore, mirrors, ships' flags, sunset guns, cellphones, iphones, CBs, webcams, balloons will be woven into a live and audio-visual tapestry of our great bay from stem to stern.

Help bring it all into use around Penobscot Bay June1st

 One bay people and bay nature. Like nowhere else on earth.INFRASTRUCTURE Who do you know that works or plays on in and around Penobscot Bay?

Pick your place on the Ring around the Bay today! Your avatar will be added to our Virtual Penobscot Bay [under construction], in preparation for June 1st when the Ring around the Bay goes live!To register write to penbay@justice.com or call 207-593-2744,

Friends of Penobscot Bay
POB 1871
Rockland Maine 04841

e: coastwatch@gmail.com
tel: 207-691-7485 cell 207-593-2744
web: www.penbay.net

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