Apr 23, 2013

Army Corps hammers another nail in DCP Midstream megatank plan's coffin

Is the Big Tank nightmare over?  

On April 23rd, Jay Clement of the Army Corps of Engineers sent this letter  to DCP Midstream's  Rebecca Malloy, informing them that their Army Corps of Engineers permit for the Searsport LPG Tank is revoked.

This  revocation was at the behest of the beaten energy giant, tails between its legs,  humbled by the fortuitous but potent coming-together of Penobscot Bay-area environmental advocates, local citizenry  of Searsport  the threatened town, and pockets quite as deep as DCP's dotting the slender island that pierces the heart of Penobscot Bay: Islesboro.

Jay wrote: 

"Dear Ms. Malloy:

"This concerns your Department of the Army permit, number NAE-2010-02347, that authorized the placement of fill below the ordinary high water line of an unnamed tributary to Long Cove and in adjacent freshwater wetlands at Searsport, Maine in order to develop a liquid propane storage and off loading facility on Mack Point.

"In a letter dated April 12, 2013, your Maine attorney indicated that you now have no
intention of proceeding with the project and that you wish to have the Corps revoke the permit.

"Furthermore, it is our understanding, based on conversations between your attorney and John Almeida of our Office of Counsel, that you do not wish to avail yourself of the opportunity to request a meeting with the District Engineer or a public hearing before a revocation decision is made.

"Therefore, in response to your request and in accordance with Title 33 CFR Part 325.7, your Department of the Army permit is revoked.

"If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Jay Clement at 207-623-8367 at our Manchester, Maine Project Office.

Jay Clement 

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