Jan 16, 2013

DCP: Will they or Won't they? WERU will let you know Friday eve

Listen Friday to WERU Community Radio , as the word comes down about what the town of Searsport has decided about Big Gas megatank proposal of DCP Midstream's. Listen to Big Tank" parody song
 Jan18th 4pm eastern time, 2pm Mountain Time to WERU Community Radio  Special Report  on DCP hearing.  Here  is  the station's  live stream

Listen to the earlier hearings on on the DCP plan for big tank in  Searport.

WERU News director Amy Browne will recap the DCP gasser-wannabee's  two evenings of public hearings on their 22 million gallon LPG megatank plan,  and run excerpts of the  gassers, their hired hands, the people's responses, and the deliberations of the Searsport town planning board. And whatever shenanigans DCP shills or  homie security types get into, if any. Finally, what the decisionmakers, in fact, decide: 

* Will Coloradan Gasbaggers expand from their bay area outposts, and start slashing and blasting the Mack Point Woods; begin insinuating gas colonies among us, at the narrow end of the ecological cornucopia we call Penobscot Bay .

* Will  the whole gassy nightmare dissipate under the stern light of downeast wisdom? Will crows, gulls and hawks continue mingling with wild fourleggers, six leggers, eight leggers and no leggers, below the canopy and above the broad
beaches and tide flats on the southern shore of Long Cove?

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