Jan 19, 2013

Searsport Planning Board's DCP Midstream tank hearing January 18, 2013 AUDIO RECORDINGS

Listen to the speakers at the January 18, 2013 Searsport town public hearing on the controversial DCP Midstream megatank proposal for Mack Point.. Earlier Hearings Nov 2012

DCP atty Kilbreth tried and failed to get the Clarke Report rejected by the planning board. The board then heard from DCP's real estate expert Norman Gosline, who was vigorously questioned by attys for the people Ed Bearor and Steve Hinchman (gesturing in photo).
Then DCP's regional director David Graham spoke and was questioned.** DCP atty Kilbreth then posed questions from the people to the DCP experts. More to come....

Introduction by Probert. Motion by DCP to exclude Clarke study 13min 28sec

Norman Gosline retired real estate appraiser 26min 49sec

Ed Bearor questions Gosline. 7min 33 sec

Steve Hinchman questions Gosline 1. 7min 30sec

Steve Hinchman questions Gosline 2. 6min 33sec

Steve Hinchman questions Gosline 3. 5min 30sec

David Italiaander 5min 10sec

DCP  David Graham 9min 14sec

DCP attys James Kilbreth & Kelly Boden
Kilbreth QA 1 6min

(No QA 2)

Kilbreth QA 3  Generator onsite issue 3min 5 sec

Kilbreth QA 4. Flare issue. 12 minutes

Kilbreth QA 5 Sump issue. 3min 28sec

Kilbreth QA 6 7min21sec

 KIlbreth QA 7. 7min46sec

Kilbreth QA 8. Killbreth & Graham. 5min 55sec

Graham QA 9 Security 4min33secd

Graham QA 10 Control Room 11min11sec

Graham QA 11. 3minutes 4 seconds

Meredith Ayres QA 12   4min 39

Kilbreth QA 13   10min44sec

Italiaander QA 14 5min51sec

 Probert opens public session 1minute

Abby MacMillan 8min 24 sec

 Kilbreth complains about Good Harbor Report 34 sec

AJ Koch  & Shawn Murphy 2min38 sec

Leslie Harl to meeting end 2min 25sec

(Becky Bartovics off North Haven then asked to speak but was turned down as meeting was officially ended)

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