Oct 12, 2011

Mack Point's Emerald Triangle: wetter than they say?

Let's walk the threatened Mack Point forest, (the green triangle in the picture)  and document every little bit of wet wildness there.

If we find more than 3 acres
-including the harbor's intertidal flats that DCP is including in their impact zone, then the Army Corps of Engineers cannot grant them a "general permit" that requires no hearings or any input from the people at all.

Given that  streams  from far inland cut through the proposed stank farm  and that there is much old growth soils, I think it is very likely to be much more wetlands than they identified - forested wetlands that can add up up to the amount of wetlands greater than 3 acres.

If so, that triggers the must-do-full-study requirement - which adds a year and more onto the application process .  Remember it was by discovering that the state's consultants had fibbed about the amount of  wetlands on Sears Island that  the Sears Island containerport plans of  McKernan and King were halted

Let's give it a look, shall we?


Anonymous said...

This is good news for all of us who oppose the tank. Can this be done before the Planning Board acts to approve? Thank you for all the good work. Ann (annjf1@gmail.com)

Ron Huber said...

Absolutely. Realize that all we need find is a "smoking gun" that is,evidence proving Bring a GPS and register each the spot or denote it on a topo map whenever one sees wetland-specific plants, or wetland specific soil (these are easy to learn to ID). There are at least three intermittent streams running through that wood. By walking their channels from shore to top or vice versa we will find the wetlands if they are there.

Remember we don't have to be super authoritative; we're just laypersons gathering evidence so the experts can go in after.