Oct 3, 2011

Cape Jellison's scenic resources at risk from LPG supertank.

Pictures taken on Cape Jellison, and of Cape Jellison, from the location  across Long Cove and Stockton Harbor from where energy company DCP-Midstream wants to build a giant Liquified Petroleum Gas storage tank. Biggest in New England! while Maine DEP is doing little.    (Click Here for  photos of endangered scenic resources from Searsport Shores Campground in Searsport)

Panorama of Stockton Harbor Click Here for larger  
a - Colonel Petterson Park (public access to beach)
b - Stockton Harbor Public Docks
c - Sears Island 601 acres Conservation Easement  Maine Coast Heritage Trust
d - The Village Condos Stockton Springs
e -  Rocky Point (private homes)
More Photographs 
View From Stockton Harbor Docks 9.26.11 Helicopter Click Here

View from Stockton Harbor dock 9.26.11 Helicopter closer  Click Here

View from Stockton Harbor Docks 9.27.11 proposed site marked
This photo was taken the morning after the helicopter flew over, so  site marked is an estimate, but based on studying the photos. 

Note that Stockton Harbor Public docks serves  commercial and recreational fishermen, as well as sailboats. There are approximately 150 moorings. Stockton Harbor hosts a significant boating community, centered around the Stockton Harbor Sailing Center.

From Stockton Harbor and Cape Jellison perspectives , the location of this new proposed development is  a huge sprawl of industrial development into unbroken natural forestland, rich with Indian artifacts in an undeveloped irreplaceable natural coastal forest on Mack Point

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