Aug 13, 2011

Offshore wind meeting 08/11/11 Rockland Maine. Listen to speakers & questioners

On August 11, 2011, the Island Institute hosted a panel discussion of ocean windpower extraction plans for the Gulf of Maine, at the Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine. Moderator: Heather Deese. Panelists: Philip Conkling Island Institute, Bob Steneck UMaine marine ecologist, Habib Dagher UMaine composites engineer, head DeepCwind Consortium. The recording begins with  Philip Conkling's opening remarks, which were underway as the recording begins

* Philip Conkling (in progress) 4min

* Robert Steneck UMaine benthic ecologist 4 min 
* Dave Cousens, ME Lobstermen Association 4min
* Habib Dagher University of Maine composites and DeepCwind 5min 15sec
* Ted Koffman, Maine Audubon 5min 10 sec

QA 1.  Ron Huber & Habib Dagher 10 miles? or 20 miles offshore? 2 min
QA2.  John Stevens Boothbay Harbor What about mobile offshore windmills floating with currents? 3min
QA3.  Habib Dagher Responds to Stevens on positioning of turbine 1min
QA4.  Bob Steneck replies to Stevens cable question 48 sec
QA5.  Habib Dagher  re size of windfarms 2min
QA6. George Orton (sp?) Newcastle, to Dagher on landfall locations for offshore cables 2min
QA 7. Unidentified questioner to Philip Conkling: how to control the dialog, the framing? 3min
QA 8. Heather Deese  replies to unid'd questioner 1min 40 sec
QA9  Unknown questioner to Dagher on economics 2min 20 sec
QA9 Vivian Newman to Heather Deese: Where are the federal agencies? 2min\
QA 10. Rockland questioner to Dagher question on opportunities for students 3min
QA 11.  Jake Ward answers Rocklander's question on opportunities for students 2min
QA 12. Unk Q-er re  subsonic impact of 200 ocean windmills_Steneck, Koffman, Dagher respond. 3min
QA 13 Heather Deese Closing Remarks 75 seconds

(Peter Taber photograph)

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