Jul 9, 2011

Camden Snow Bowl plan to log & bulldoze Goose River headwaters draws fire. WHAT YOU CAN DO.

The US Army Corps of Engineer and other federal agencies are now investigating the plan being hatched between Coastal Mountains Land Trust and the Town of Camden to jointly fell,  bulldoze and if necessary blast two  miles of "multiple use trails" back and forth through five acres of  often steeply sloping old closed canopy forests on Ragged Mountain. Riddled with streamlets and wetlands, this little valley makes up on of the most undisturbed headwaters of the Goose River.
 The state of Maine considers the area to be an Area of Statewide Ecological Significance  due to its unusually rich concentrations of at-risk species and habitats co-occur on the landscape. .See state report on ecological significance of Ragged & Bald Mountain. The Goose River connects Ragged Mountain (via Hosmer Pond) with Rockport Harbor. With Penobscot Bay  and the Gulf of Maine. For more photographs and maps of the threatened area, click here  
1. Contact Coastal Mountains Land Trust and demand they drop participation in the project. CMLT obtained the land from the town of Camden for purposes of conserving it. Allowing  logging, bulldozing and deepforest canopy opening to take place on any  property held in trust by CMLT, let alone an Area of Statewide Ecological Significance like this Ragged Mountain valley, is counter to Coastal Mountain Land Trust's conservation mission. Phone, email, postal mail or visit CMLT and urge them for the good of the mountain to drop out of this project.
2. Contact the town of Camden. On the evening of July 20, 2011, the Camden Planning Board is going to consider this plan, and  then vote on whether to approve it, disapprove it, or table it pending more information.Details below the picture (looking southeast from above Ragged Mountain summit.

 Postal mailing address is Chair, Planning Board, Camden Town Office, 29 Elm Street, PO Box 1207, Camden, Maine 04843  Or email your information to Chris MacLean, chair of the Camden Planning Board. Ask Chris to make copies for the planning board members. 
Be brief and to the point: The Camden Snowbowl can reformulate an existing ski trail to suit the skate-skiers.  This steeply sloping bird and wildlife-rich natural closed canopy forest with  its numerous wetlands is not replaceable. It is an Area of Statewide Ecological Significance and must not be fragmented and disturbed for a speculative recreational activity.   Camden must conserve its irreplaceable natural resources.  
Speak out for natural Maine!

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