Mar 16, 2011

MIT fishery researchers finally turn to wild plankton management.

After all, if your freshly hatched cod, flounder, haddock , scallops, lobsters etc don't have the right food available - and in the right quantity - they starve to death before they're as big as a grain of rice.  See this report from Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute.  So:  

MIT SeaGrant Performance Measure 2010-2014:
 * Tools and training for accurate evaluation of planktonic food sources as they relate to climate change and other factors delivered to NMFS, MA DMF, and other state and local agencies.

MIT SeaGrant Target 2010-2014:
* Five top-level fisheries managers will be trained and their agencies able to evaluate planktonic food resources, changes in blooms and overall productivity.

Go for it, MIT!

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