Mar 6, 2011

Maine Fishermen's Forum 2011 seminar "Bringing Back the Fish" Listen to recordings

Maine Fishermen's Forum 2011.   
Recording  of "Bringing Back the Fish" seminar.
Why are some fishing grounds empty when others  show increases in several important New England groundfish stocks? Why aren’t the fish found on inshore grounds along much of New England’s coast? Listen to 5 fishermen, a government scientist and a conservationist discuss how the Gulf of Maine fishes have changed over their fishing careers and lifetimes, and what's to be done.
Audio of "Bringing Back the Fish"
1. Billy Chaprales, F/V Reuby. 2 minutes
2. Glenn Libby, F/V Skipper. 5 minutes
3. Jake Kritzer NEFMC. 2 minutes
4. Jason Joyce, F/V Andanamra. 6 minutes
5. Jim Odlin, Atlantic Trawlers. 6 minutes
6. Q&A 1. 12 minutes
7. Q&A 2. 5 minutes
8. Q&A 3. 16 minutes
9. Q&A 4. 17 minutes
10. Q&A 5. 4minutes

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