Dec 7, 2010

Offshore Wind Conference: Dec 14th Belfast

On Tuesday December 14th, 2010, the Island Institute will host the "Offshore Wind: Tools and Information for Coastal Stakeholders" conference. 

Topics are the standard fare for these events:
* "Maine's new offshore wind goals
* Critical factors that will impact the development of offshore wind
 * East Coast experiences with offshore wind siting
* Concepts and tools for evaluating ocean renewable energy projects

* Improving the community outreach and permitting process

In this context, "improving the permitting process"  means weakening the environmental & conservation rules .  Island Institute, NRCM, CLF and a host of other eco-yuppy outfits have decided the War on Carbon's end justifies the means; laudably global in thinking but hideously impractical for the health of the wild Gulf of Maine.

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