Aug 13, 2010

Ragged Mountain: Camden Energy Committee hands wind plan off to town selectboard

As opposition rises to the plan for a windfarm in the Camden Hills, and local citizens' group Friends of Ragged Mountain starts coming into existence,  a memo from the Camden Energy Committee about the future of the project heads to the Camden Selectboard, which will take it up on August 17th

Listen to a 38 minute podcast of the August 12, 2010 Camden Energy Committee finalizing their Ragged Mountain Workgroup letter and memo for consideration  by the Selectboard.  [See local media coverage of the Energy Committee meeting] 

The recording begins with a 5 minute consideration of the wording of the 1 page cover letter. The remaining time focuses on the memo: "Ragged Mountain Wind: Next Steps" 
It breaks down into 12 minutes about how to use the new Camden development director as part of the work group. 
Then a ten minute discussion on who should run the Ragged Mountain work group, (which  includes people from Hope and Rockport governments too) and whether a 'sunset provision' for the work group should be added.  Then  a fundraising discussion follows - plan will need $50K-$70K for initial feasibility study- but none of the three towns show interest in contributing. The will of their people is not known.  The recording ends shortly after the final vote to accept the now-amended memo.  

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