Apr 5, 2010

LD 1611 Supermax Reform: Maine House votes for watered-down alternative.

"Fox: go study the hen house!" That was the directive from the Maine House of Representatives  at their 4/5/10 Hearing  on LD 1610.  Audio MP3s of the hearing.  Official summary of what passed the House:
"creates a resolve directing the Commissioner of Corrections, in consultation with the mental health and substance abuse focus group of the State Board of Corrections, to review due process procedures and other policies related to the placement of special management prisoners. The amendment also requires the commissioner to consider an appropriate timeline for regular reporting to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over corrections matters and to report all recommendations, including any suggested policy or legislative changes, to that committee by January 15, 2011. Upon receiving that report, the committee may report out a bill to the 125th Legislature."  

LISTEN TO THE HEARING (below)***  MPBN story on 4/5/10 House hearing
PART 1  23 minutes **   PART 2  32 minutes **  PART 3 30 minutes **  PART 4 20 minutes ** PART 5  23 minutes **  PART 6 25 minutes ** PART 7 25 minutes **  PART 8 7 minutes

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