Mar 10, 2010

Maine Fishermens' Forum 2010, audio of meeting on nearshore windfarming plan

At the Maine Fishermen's Forum in Rockport Maine on Saturday March 6, 2010. a group of wind industry reps and academics, agency officials and ENGOs rolled out a late-in-the-session new bill LD 1810 that would open up all of Maine's nearshore fishing grounds to 40 to 50 year windfarm leases, replete with exemptions from state conservation and pollution laws and a host of other greasings of the skids..  Photos from the seminar
Listen below to the wind industry and government speakers at the Fishermen's Forumis event. A skeptical crowd of fishermen listens silently as the speakers make their pitches for leasing off Maine's state waters to  the power industry. Note that NOBODY gets any applause.   Unusual at the 'Forum.

Introduction Dierdre Gilbert Maine DMR  2min
Beth Nagusky, MDEP Office of Innovation 13 min
George Lapointe, Department of Marine Resources  5 minutes
Des Fitzgerald, Principle Power 10 Minutes
Peter Hughes, Fishermen's Energy, New Jersey 12 minutes
Neal Pettigrew, University of Maine  on Monhegan R&D site 11 minutes
Addison Ames, Vinalhaven Electric Coop 10 min
Rob Snyder, Island Institute  10 minutes

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