Mar 19, 2010

3/18/10 Maine ocean wind bill: Legislative worksession Listen to speakers

Listen to speakers at the March 18, 2010 work session of the Maine legislature's Utility and Energy Committee on LD 1810, Implementing the findings of the Governor's Task Force on Ocean Energy   Listen to March 11th public hearing on LD 1810 Mp3s   

* Introduction to the Worksession 4min
* MDEP's Beth Nagusky describes proposed changes to Bill Part A 17 minutes
* MDEP's Nagusky Q&A session 11 minutes
* Patrice Farrell, Maine Lobstermen's Association 3 & 1/2 minutes (Read MLAs Letter on LD 1810)
* MDEP's Beth Nagusky describes proposed changes to Part B of LD 1811
* Suzanne Sayre 2 minutes
* John Ferland Ocean Renewable Energy Corp 1 minutes
* Dianne Messer, advocate, Liberty Maine 2 minutes
* Chris O'Neill, Friends of Maine Mountains 1 minutes
* Todd Rousette (sp?) Preti Flaherty lawfirm 2 minutes
* MDEP's Beth Nagusky describes more changes to Part B
* MDEPs Beth Nagusky on changes to Part C of bill
* MDEP's Beth Nagusky on changes to Part D of bill
* MDEP Beth Nagusky on Changed to Part E of Bill
* MDEP Beth Nagusky questioned on Part E 7 min
 * MDEP Beth Nagusky questioned more 10 minutes
 * University of Maine Dr Dagher 12 minutes
 * Final stakeholders and close of meeting  11 minutes

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