Oct 20, 2009

Waiting for Big Blue/Green & Red, White& Blue to get GOM HAPC happening

On the coast of Maine.  We wait for Big BlueGreen to lift its sluggish head from the climate change trough it is feeding at. It is time to stand at the shore of the sea, midwifing what to developers & polluters may seem a monster, but to the rest of us, a blessing,

Time to get organized, NOAA is implementing new federal marine fish habitat rules over the entire coastal shallows (low tide to 30 feet deep) (see map of Vinalhaven & North Haven) of the entire New England coast: Narragansett Bay of Connecticut/Rhode Island up to Passmaquoddy Bay at the Maine/New Brunswick border, on behalf of and to the betterment of inshore atlantic cod schools that should be thronging those shores, common as mackerel.

And will again, perhaps, if their old home is freed from pollution, dredging, filling and the rest of the insults we humans dole out so blithely to Neptune's wild Atlantis holdikngs. Read summary of federal inshore cod plan, with maps (3pg pdf)

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