Oct 2, 2009

Maine offshore wind farms to be R&D only - State

On September 29th, the Maine Geological Survey and Maine Coastal Program hosted a public info meeting at the Samoset on the state plan to establish sites in Maine state waters for research on offshore deepwater windfarming. Media coverage  Here and Here  Listen below  to a  presentation by State Geologist Bob Marvinney describing the proposed windfarm areas off our coast, and to the lively question and answer period that followed. The state also issued maps marked off in 1 mile squares showing proposed windfarm areas offshore, and now asks the public for info on these locations.

Introduction by Paul Anderson, Maine SeaGrant (6.5 min)
Presentation by Bob Marvinney, Maine Geological Survey (32 min)
Questions and Answers I Bob West, Rockport; Sid Quarrier, Appleton; (9min)
Q&As 2 Ron Huber (9min)
Q&As 3 Dana Hutchins
Q&As 4 Richard Warner, St George; a person from Edgecomb, (13 min)
Q&As 5 Becky Bartovics (8 min)
Q&As 6. Liz Dickerson (8min)
Q&As 7. Richard Podolski; Ken Shule.(5.5min)
Q&As 8 Metinic Lobsterman (12 min)
Q&As 9 Jim Hayes, Rockport (6.5min)
Q&As 10 Ragged Island lobsterman (5min)
Q&As 11 Diane Rector, Liberty (6.5min)
Q&As 12 Jim Wadsworth, Warren. (5min)
Q&A 13 Metinic lobsterman Post 2 (15 min)
Q&A 14 Diane Rector(2) to Meeting End (9.5min)

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