May 4, 2008

Trawl survey coming to bay, May 19-23rd.

Lobstermen take note:
The Maine trawl survey will be steaming into Penobscot Bay May 19th for 5 days of towing. Click on dates for charts of planned trawl locations (large gif files)

May 19th – E of Monhegan to Metinic
May 20th – Rockland to Upper Penobscot Bay
May 21st – E of Monhegan to 11 Mile Ridge
May 22nd – E of Matinicus Rock to Seal Is.
May 23rd – Cape Rosier and E Penobscot Bay
All dates are tentative; storms or other issues may cause delays.

During those dates, you may contact the boat crew on either channel 16 or 13. The crew cell phone is 207-557-5276.

There's a lot of concern over the impacts of the trawl survey on lobsters, especially during shedder season.The state's own stats show that up to 12 percent of lobsters caught in a trawl are fatally injured by the capture method. A similar percent lose at least one claw or leg.

The above does not include any crushed by the trawl doors or delimbed by the groundwire, as they remain on the bottom.

A few years ago lobstermen in the waters off Corea drove the fall trawl survey away

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