May 23, 2008

Sears Island - funeral march coverage starts

Two of our most important state media have picked up on the story of citizens discontented with the Sears Island port consensus process agreement- the "Deal of Shame" holding a funeral march on the island. Maine Things Considered ran the story Friday evening, and Maine Coast Now! the Courier newspapers of the bay counties and Augusta is running the story in its Saturday editions - available now on line. Thank you! to both media outfits for taking on an important story. See you on the causeway...

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C Neal said...

The Sierra Club has adopted its position because it understands that this is a statewide issue, with impacts far beyond Penobscot Bay - namely, the huge air-quality impacts of shipping freight by truck instead of by sea.

You guys are framing this purely as a NIMBY cause - and since you're in the well-to-do coastal town of Searsport, you don't have much in the way of sympathy, and you're going to lose.

Face it, guys - Maine's entire history is based on maritime commerce. Either we develop a cargo port here, or we add thousands more trucks and hundreds of acres of new pavement to Route 1 and I-95. What's a bigger threat to Penobscot Bay - one new pier, or thousands of tons of additional greenhouse gases?

Your lack of perspective on these issues is disappointing.