Jul 27, 2018

Cruise ship industry presenter gets grilled at 7/27/18 Rockland public relations meeting

On July 27,  Bryan Salerno of CLIA Cruise Lines Industry Assn gave a talk on the environmental impacts of his industry.   While Salerno could barely find any issues, the audience relentlessly pursued a variety of issues, som0e that left Salerno stumped.

1. Introduction 2min 44sec

2  Brian Salerno presentation pt 1 8min 32sec

3 Brian Salerno pt 2. 3min

4 Brian Salerno pt 3 Sulfur 3min 3sec

5 Brian Salerno pt 4 Carbon 2min27sec

Brian Salerno pt 5. 2min

7 Brian Salerno pt 6. 3min 47sec

8 Brian Salerno pt 7. 2min 25sec

9 Brian Salerno pt 8 graywater 52sec

10 Brian Salerno discharges high seas 4min3sec

11 Brian Salerno safety  3min 7sec

12 Brian Salerno Community relations 3min

Q&A 1. 6min 16sec

Q&A 2 7min 33sec

Q&A 3 8min 3sec

Q&A 4 8min 125sec

Q&A 5. 6min 2sec

Q&A 6 4min 26sec

Audience after talk 2min 14sec

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