Sep 21, 2017

Rockland Harbor Mgmt Commission 9/20/17 mtg: cruise ships, pier upgrades, lobsterfest. AUDIO mp3s

Rockland Harbor Mgmt Commission audio  with notes from the meeting below the recordings

Part 2 Cruise ships issues discussion 28min 23sec  Topics: how limit themLobstermen windjammers  users oppose expansion Main street supports  Much more 

Notes from Rockland Harbor Commission Meeting 9/20/17 

PART 1 Recording
Public comment: Ron Huber urges  the HMC contact other bay & river HMCs that host cruiseships and work together,  Or else "jhang separately)

Update fishpier grant application 
Harbormaster is open to major infrastructure revamping of waterfront 

Grants city got two grants for south end ramp dock  Missed out of two grants also inclue BIG grant 
dredging fishpier etc need acoe and other area

City will pull floats after Oct 19  end of cruise season

New harbormaster website up ,  webcam not yet working 

PART 2 recording
Cruise ship fees - mayor will says no workshop only selected interested parties at table of meeting 
City must publish public notice of non workshop

Compared cruise ship fees elsewhere

 Council to ask for rise from $8 to $10 per head   Very low amount 

Louise notes Rocklandf unique location , 
Other maine towns  have moratoriums on cruiseships . How? Through limiting access to cruiseship tender vessels 
This cirucumvented is  when cruisesers using private dock  - will FMC sell out and become a cruise ship dock

Summer and shoulder seas on - push back from city council  for more

Rockland is not a class a port so no direct vessels from outside US  Musdt enter via boston or portland 
How many cruiseships plan to his Rockland /bay? hard to find out. 

Informal poll shows people 50 50 divided - lobstermen other  harbor users mostly opposed to cruise ship expansion while  main street supports expansion uber alles.
Need a formal study of the effects on existing users   Ron Hubersuggests get MLA involved  

Origin of vessels  most come to maine going north not south  from Boston portland 
Concern by chair that the chamber of commerce  seek year round jobs businesses not seaonsals They workout  distrib lixt re creuiseships
Houseboats in rockland harbor - topic for n=future HMNC meeting 

Tom Luttrell organizing a tourf of the swewage treatment system of a cruise ship  Get on this list

PART 3 recordings
Lobster festival Cindy powers said  the could look into moving carnies from lobster festival Make it more   foodie celebration than  generic carnival - do that elsewhere. elsewhen

Lack of quorum means Louise nominee for HMC chair - cant be voted on .

End of meeting

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