Aug 19, 2017

Rockland Comprehensive plan overhaul - updates 8 /17/17 on water uses, recreation, forestry & more. AUDIO

Rockland Comprehensive Planning Commission meeting August 17, 2017 
Audio mp3s of  the meeting. *  Meeting agenda  Commission webpage 
Includes: (1) Reports on Comprehensive plan updates. (2) Rockland Farms & Forests Report 59min

(1) Update Reports

Recreation & Open Space  16min 9sec

Above reports as one audio. 27min 35sec

(2) Presentation:  Rockland Farms & Forests Report by Amy Files &John Grondin

Meeting Attendees
Commission members 
Julie Lewis, Chair
Eileen Wilkinson
Amy Files,  Renew Rockland
Callie Black,  Rockland heart and soul 
James Kalloch Workboat operator, snowplowing

Members Not attending
Michelle Gifford
 Michael Silverstein  (resigned)

Also attending 
Ann Kreig from Midcoast Regional Planning Commission
Bill Butler - "staff"
Ron Huber  WRFR LPFM radio producer, FOPB
John Grondin head of Parks Commission

Members Not attending
Commissioner Michelle Gifford  wasnt there 
Commissioner Michael Silverstein  has quit 

Terry Pinto,Rockland Sewage Treatment Plan
 Shelley Kushner, Alternate

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