May 13, 2017

ME Legis' Marine Resources Comm May 10, 2017 worksession on LD 1438 AUDIO MP3

On May 10, 2017, the Maine Legislature's Marine Resources Committee approved an amended version of LD1438 "An Act To Improve the Aquaculture Leasing and Licensing Laws."   Listen to the 5/10/17 work session on LD 1438 (47min)  
Or in parts: Pt 1 12min  **  Part 2. 8min54sec  **Part 3. 9min 44sec  ** Part 4. 8min 50sect **  Part  5  to end    Listen to May 1, 2017 public hearing on 1438. (46min)

Read Official summary of LD1438 below links to filed comments 

Belle, Sebastian
Maine Aquaculture Association
Crimp, JamesIsland Institute
de Koning, FionaAcadia Aqua Farms, LLC
Devin, MichaelMaine State Legislature
Dobbins, PaulOcean Approved, Inc.
Gilbert, DeirdreDepartment of Marine Resources
Steverlynck, ValyFreeport

"This bill amends the aquaculture leasing and licensing laws. 

* It removes the prohibition on the provision by the Department of Marine Resources of promotional and marketing assistance to the aquaculture industry. 

* It extends the potential term of an aquaculture lease from 10 to 20 years. 

It changes the order of preference for lease applications to include in the 2nd position an individual who currently holds a limited-purpose aquaculture license for the area. 

It provides a process by which a holder of a standard lease could seek an expansion of the lease area by up to 10% once during the duration of the lease without having to apply for a new lease. 

It places the licensed activities and criteria for limited-purpose aquaculture licenses in separate statutory provisions. 

It requires a limited-purpose aquaculture license holder to specify if the license is for commercial or personal use and to identify the growing area and current classification of the area. 

It adds consideration of any risk to public health to the criteria used in determining whether to grant a limited-purpose aquaculture license. 

It adds to the eligibility criteria for a limited-purpose aquaculture license the completion of any educational courses that may be required by the Commissioner of Marine Resources.


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