Nov 27, 2016

Managing Maine’s Near Shore Ecosystems - a 1995 ME State Planning Office report

Options for Managing Maine’s Near Shore Ecosystems
A four part report produced by Maine Coastal Program's Josie Quintrell  & Gro Flatebo, Ash Cove Consulting, Yarmouth   August 1995. (pdf )
Josie Quintrell, 2015

"Maine’s near shore resources – the coastal lands and neighboring waters that stretch from Kittery to Eastport – are one of the state’s greatest assets and resources, greater in acreage and economic importance than our public lands ashore." So writes Josie Quintrell in this 1995 report where she lays out and examines principles of managing human impacts on Maine's salt water environment. Quintrell is presently (2016) director of the International Ocean Observing System Association

Title/Introduction 2pg

Ecosystem Management 14pg

Alternative Dispute Resolution 13pg

Marine Protected Areas 7pg

Marine Zoning 6pg

Report as single document 42pg

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