May 26, 2016

NOAA's 5/2/5/16 Northeast Ocean Plan webinar. Audio from event

On May 25, 2016  the Northeast Regional Planning Body, a consortium of ocean interests led by NOAA, held a webinar to unveil their draft Northeast Ocean Plan The following are audio recordings of the webinar's presenters & the Q & A that followed.

Part 1 intro in progress 5min 48sec

Part 2  Marine database 6min 30sec

Part 3 Updating maps, other actions 8min 40sec

Part 4 Energy and Infrastructure   6min 24 sec

Part 5  Plan administration and oversight   5min 30sec

Part 6 a reaserch priority 3min 13sec

Part 7 Grover Fugate 4min 24sec

Q&A part 1. 13 min   * Q&A part 2 10min39sec
]* Q&A part 3 8min 39sec   * Q&A part 4 to end. 10 min
Q&A full  42 minutes

The plan examines the issues facing the New England offshore Environment, evaluated the the state of regulation over ten top concerns  Marine Life and Habitat,  Cultural Resources* Marine Transportation * National Security * Commercial and Recreational Fishing* Recreation * Energy and Infrastructure, * Aquaculture * Offshore Sand Resources * and Restoration.

The plan  includes  creating an ocean information online portal with information about the above from and of value to  state and federal agency decisionmakers, indian tribes and the New England Fishery Management Council and all other stakeholders.

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