Apr 16, 2016

Maine Port Safety Forum 4/13/16 Audio:mass rescue operations, underwater mapping

Rescued Titanic passengers aboard the Carpathia
On April 13, 2016 the Maine/New Hampshire Port Safety Forum was held in Belfast, Maine 
Topics included a review of  mass rescue operations for passenger vessels, Underwater mapping update by NOAA, and more.  

Here is audio from those two presentations. Recordings of the rest uploaded as time permits

Lt Cdr Meghan McGovern, NOAA Office of Coast Survey 

Latest NOAA underwater mapping projects Penobscot Bay etc 13 minutes

Arn Heggers USCG Preparedness Specialist
Mass rescue operations Part 1 6min 40sec
Mass rescue operations Part 2 9min 30sec
Mass rescue operations Part 3. 4min 2sec

More audio to be uploaded.  check back!

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