Feb 23, 2016

Owl hoot? Or...? Audio from 2/21/16 Owl Prowl in Rockport suggests attendees "missed" a quiet wild hooter.

Owl hoot?  Or what?    Audio recording from 2/21/16 Rockport owl prowl suggests 'jilted' attendees weren't listening closely enough.  Listen, and then ...You be the judge!

More than fifty owl enthusiasts led by two  staff of Merryspring Nature Center  walked through the muddy Rockport woods on Sunday evening. They  thought that they'd not heard a single wild owl hoot during the four listening stops of the sojourn.  

But listen below to an excerpt  of a recording from the first listening session. In between the 3rd & 4th call, it sounds like  an owl responding once in the distanceWas it?  The second audio features the "wild hoot" played at original speed and made louder and slowed down 
1. This 51 second recording starts with instructions to we listeners, then the owl call is played four times.(For brevity, I trimmed out most of the time listening between the instructions and when  the four owl calls began). Notice between the third and fourth call (at 42 seconds) you will hear the quet "real owl hoot" - at least it seems so to me.

2.   An 18 second recording of this "hoot" running at original speed and volume, then three increasingly higher volumes, then at its original, then slowed down to two different speeds and finally the original a last time.

What do you think?  It is two-syllabled as owl calls are.   Surely someone who knows their nightbirds will recognize that call.  If  someone would like the original unedited audio of the owl listening sessions, We'll make it available.

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