Oct 15, 2014

Gulf of Maine weather buoys enter replacement phase PlusTEXT-A-BUOY

Tom Shyka  of NERACOOS' short update on our Gulf of Maine weather buoys  and note that a buoy off Monhegan has gotten loose and is drifting about.

Click here for a map with links to all the science and weather buoys off new England and up its rivers

Buoy Refreshment – Gulf of Maine data buoys are currently going through a replacement phase during the Fall. Deployed data buoys are being replaced with refreshed buoys to ensure maintenance and reliability of their systems. Mr. Shyka highlighted that Buoy E, which is usually deployed South of Monhegan Island is currently adrift and is short listed for recovery and replacement. The buoy refreshment operation will extend through October and November.

Text-a-Buoy – The text-a-buoy system was discussed as a simple tool to receive important offshore buoy data via text. See http://www.neracoos.org/datatools/text-a-buoy for more details and to sign up.

NERACOOS' new data portal  will "pull critical wind, wave, water level and other data from various sources into one consolidated portal. The system is expected to be very valuable in forecasting coastal flooding following  major storms/hurricanes .  http://www.neracoos.org/realtime_map
The NERACOOS website www.neracoos.org provides a variety of ocean and weather data displays. Contact Tom Shyka tom@neracoos.org with questions.

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