Jul 10, 2014

Green crab "harvest facilitation" public hearing Monday July 14, 2014

The European Green Crab seems to  have dropped sharply this year in upper Penobscot Bay -  both in the Bagaduce River and in Searsport Harbor.

But Mainers must still be prepared for when the next spike in green crab numbers happens - Weather related? Have they moved away from the plundered shores  and gone subtidal?  Whatever  the reasons, Maine's policy is to facilitate their capture and death.

On Monday July 14th the Maine Department of Marine Resources will hold a public hearing on the newest regs at DMR HQ. Friends of Penobscot Bay will be there.

Read all about it:
Green Crab Harvest Facilitation; Ch. 8.02 Compliance & Ch. 8.20(A) Harvester Reporting Green Crabs. Proposed Rulemaking (7pg pdf)

PUBLIC HEARING: Monday July 14, 2014. 1 p.m. Natural Resources Service Center.  Room 106. 6 Beech Street, Hallowell, Maine 


"This proposed regulation would improve the ability of individuals to collect and remove from coastal Maine waters the invasive and damaging green crab species. The considerable adverse effect of green crab predation on Maine’s valuable shellfish population has increased the importance of streamlining and improving DMR regulations regarding the harvest of green crabs." 

"The proposed regulations include: eliminating the restriction on the taking of green crabs as bycatch by licensed commercial lobster harvesters; no longer requiring a lobster/crab license holder to obtain a green crab-only license in order to sell green crabs; eliminating the harvester reporting requirement for green crabs; and clarifying requirements prohibiting harvesting green crabs at night and the usage of unapproved bait."


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