Jul 5, 2013

Help requested for Maine green crab survey

Clammers in Casco Bay have reported seeing very few sublegal clams this spring and summer. They are also witnessing what appears to be an explosion in populations of green crabs.  

Maine Clammers Association is trying to extend the observations made in the Freeport area to other areas along the Maine coast to see if a similar reduction in clams and increase in green crab infestations are happening elsewhere.  

If you have seen pockmarking on flats, if you have seen green crabs in channels or on mudflats, if you have seen green crabs causing erosion in shoreland areas, please contact:

Chad Coffin – Maine Clammer’s Association: friendsoftheclammers@comcast.net    or Brian Beal – University of Maine at Machias/Downeast Institute: bbeal@maine.edu

Listen to Chad Coffin testify before the Maine Legislature's Marine Resources Committee earlier this year, on the devastation wrought by green crabs. And to the questions the legislators responded with.

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