Jun 14, 2013

Is Sears Island threatened by bond bills?

Sears Island-threatening bond bills? 

Take a look at the bonds marked with a little orange square  on pages pages 3, 5 and 7 from the Maine legislature's 2013 transportation bond package.  Taken from state's full bond list

They are:
* LD 942 ($9.5 million), "...funds for industrial rail facility..funds for ports and marine facilities."

LD 1052 ($20 million),  "...reconfigure, repair, maintain and improve the intermodal structure of the state, including trail, truck, marine and air transportation modes..."

LD 1095 ($19 million) ,  "..funds for facilities or equipment related to ports, harbors, marine transportation...."

LD 1492 ($9 million)   "...Funds for public transportation facilities and equipment upgrades, including but not limited to fixed route bus service and ferries servicing islands..."

It may be that these transpo bonds still need to get another vote from the appropriations committee, but it will likely be the whole bond pack with the port bond cash in it. 

The bonds don't specifically say "Sears Island" but we know it is one of the chief targets of money for  "ports and marine facilities" or "marine transportation faclities" that
 the bonds would pay for.

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