Mar 21, 2013

Maine seaweed harvesting bill Legislature hears for and against

Audio of speakers.On March 20, 2013, the Maine legislature's Marine Resources Committee heard three and a half hours of testimony on LD 585 An Act To Require the Development of a Statewide Approach to Seaweed Management. 
Summary: "This bill...directs the Commissioner of Marine Resources to develop a fisheries management plan for a consistent approach to the management of seaweed harvesting throughout the State and to report to the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources no later than January 31, 2014."

Audio recordings of  speakers at the LD 585 hearing (mp3s). 
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Rep Catherine Cassidy 5min 14sec
Dennis Damon 14minutes
Jeff Romano, MCHT  3min30sec
Jeff Erhart 6min 40sec
Brian Beal UMaine 12min 31sec
Bimbo Look 5min 32sec
Robert Morse 8min 22sec
Max Vinal 1min 15sec
Doug Wood 12min 38sec
Nancy Prentiss  13min 28sec
Ivy Frignoca CLF 5min 10sec
Sonny Beal 3min 32sec
John Huff 1min 50sec
Tom Boutureira 10min 3sec
Karen Robbins 2min 55sec
Carl Ross 9min 45sec
Betsy Brown 3min 2sec
Robin Hadlock Seeley 17min 22sec
Susan Denizi 5min
Pete Bixler 2min 56sec
David Myslawoski 7min 43sec
Larch Hansen 8min 2sec
Sebastian Belle MAA 1min 48sec
Tolof Olson 3min 37sec
Sara Rudman Seagrant to End 2min 16sec


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