Feb 6, 2013

Maine Striped Bass meeting on Feb 12th on restoring & sustaining them.

Striped bass-huggers: On February 12 , 6:00pm in Yarmouth, Maine DMR is is hosting a public meeting for recreational anglers, conservation groups, and resource managers to discuss how to restore and sustain both native and migratory striped bass populations. 

The meeting will be at the Log Cabin, 196 Main St in Yarmouth.  (see map) Note: parking is in back. Link is to a little historical (1883) observation about stripers.

Maine striped bass background

Maine DMR  striped bass regulations (2012)

2012 Maine Striped Bass Fishing Results

Maine Striped Bass - Office of Tourism

Maine Stripers - Maine Striped Bass fishing

Striped bass fishing in Maine New York Times

Do Striped Bass (Roccus Linneatus) feed on Menhaden? 1883
By Gideon Mosher [From replies to questions in a pamphlet furnished by Joseph Church, and entitled "The menhaden question."] December 26, 1882. 

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