Jul 2, 2012

Mapping offshore Maine's submerged wildlands with 3D sonar

The NOAA research vessel OSV BOLD  is setting out within a week  to use side scan sonar to create 3D maps of an 800 square mile area of the Gulf of Maine off the mouth of west Penobscot Bay, south to Boothbay.

See a recent  Maine Department of Conservation press release

Map shows the area that the Bold is   going to document includes the two  areas proposed for ocean windfarming off Maine: state and federal waters off waters off Monhegan, and  Boothbay.

The waters  off Monhegan are under consideration by  DeepCwind Consortium, while Norwegian-based Hywind Maine  is interested in waters off Boothbay.

The vessel will be well stocked with local scientists from academia government and industry, keen to sample as many parameters of this wild region of seamounts rising above deep muddy plains as they can during the five day voyage.

Bon Voyage!

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